Some of My New Favorite Office Gadgets!

If you come to my house, there’s a good chance I’ll be in my office most all of the time. In fact, most of the time I feel like I literally live IN this office. Alright so my office is at home so I kind of do live in it, but with all the time I spend here, I cannot just sit here and not have cool stuff surrounding me. I’m a kid at heart, I need stuff that’s going to distract me from the articles I do, I need stuff that will lure me away from work, and these items listed below are some of the few gadgets I have in my office! All of these items are for in office use, so if you work in an office or work at home, these are all gadgets you just might enjoy as well. Onward!Night Owl Keyword And Mouse – I can’t even tell you how many times I go to bed and realize I forgot to finish some virtual paper work on my computer, and this is when my favorite keyboard comes to life. I don’t even have to turn a light on nor do I have to squint to see the board by the light of the computer screen! This little guy is an illuminated keyboard and mouse which is an ergonomic, split-key variety. I like the ergonomic option because it’s easy on my hands, shoulders, and wrists! It’s also splash proof, so if you’re up late drinking coffee trying to meet or beat that deadline, you won’t need to worry about the odd spillage. There is also a purple one but, I prefer the clear one!TVR Street Mouse – This cool item is a realistic licensed replica of TVR’s much-acclaimed super car. It’s cool curvy styling and sculpted body has been cleverly adapted to feel as good as it looks. The Tuscan sports alloy style wheels, tinted windows and working blue LED headlights ideal for those dimly lit evenings on the Internet. Available in metallic cherry red or electroplated chrome, The TVR Tuscan is a high quality, ergonomically designed 800 dpi mouse with two buttons, and a scroll wheel to ensure easy navigation around your PC. They had a pink “bug” type one as well, but I like the TVR a lot better, it fits the sporty girl in me better!Verballs; Mister V – This thing looks kind of wacky like a mister potato head gone evil! But it is pretty useful for me. So much more than just a desktop knick-knack, Verballs are the ultimate customizable desktop call alarm. These crazy critters can be programmed to talk while you type and chat to your friends for free over the Skype network. If your friends don’t use skype then don’t worry, these adaptable demons will also work with other voice over Internet protocol systems such as Yahoo, MSN or AOL. Verballs are giant fluffy creatures that act as call alarms when people call you over the Skype networks. He also plays MP3s, has a hand free mic, its USB powered and it has jacks for a microphone and or headphones for a more private setting for calling.Of course I have a whole bunch of other oddities in my office, but these are the newest ones I have gotten, and I really like them! Ya know sometimes it’s good to have things in your office that aren’t all stuffy and proper because sometimes I just want to have a little fun and not have to think about being couped up in this office all day. Hey, if I can’t have fun whilst leaving work I may as well have as much fun as I possibly can in my home office!

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